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Le texte complet de cet article est disponible en PDF. Entre et45 résumés ont traité de ce sujet. Summary Objective The development of information systems in French hospitals is mandatory.


The aim of this work was to analyze the content of exchanges carried out within social networks, dealing with problems encountered with hospital pharmacies information systems. Those referring to information systems used in hospital pharmacies were selected.

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Results From March to Junee-mails sent by 80 pharmacists concerned information systems. From to45 abstracts dealt with this topic.

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These problems are interdependent, lead to errors and in order to mitigate their consequences, they compel pharmacy professionals to divert a significant amount of working hours to the detriment of pharmaceutical care and dispensing and preparing drugs.

Conclusion Hospital pharmacists are faced with many problems of insecurity and inefficiency generated by information systems. Researches are warranted to determine their cost, specify their deleterious effects on care and identify the safest information systems.

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